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Are you currently in the process of vacating a rented out home as well as you call for an end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company? In that case, you’ve come to the ideal area as that’s specifically what the specialized group at Platinum Cleaning Company specialises in. Keep reading below to find out even more concerning what makes us stick out from other providers!

The term “end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company” refers to the specialist deep cleaning of the flat or home that you have actually been leasing before the new renters move in. While there are some exemptions, the vast bulk of modern-day UK tenancy contracts specify that the home needs to be skillfully deep cleaned before the renter vacates. This is where our specialists can be found in to help.

Individuals often question whether it’s actually needed to employ a specialist company for their end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company While cleaning the properties may seem simple on the surface, there’s much more to it than merely hoovering the carpets as well as cleaning the surfaces.

As a matter of fact, the lack of specialist deep cleaning upon vacating is among the major causes for deposit disagreements between renters as well as property managers. There are specific deep cleaning describes and checklists that demand to be strictly complied with in order to ensure that you do not lose a part of your deposit.

Allow the Specialists Manage Your End of Tenancy Cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company.

As we’ve established, most of UK lessees need to get the knowledge of expert cleaners when they vacate a residential or commercial property. It’s important to do your research and also make sure that you’re handling certified specialists with a tried and tested record of previous excellence. This is where Platinum Cleaning Company truly sticks out from the competitors!

We are extremely experienced with this type of cleaning as well as we will not be frightened by the extensive checklists. Our expert cleaners are mosting likely to ensure that each and every single requirement is extensively attained.

Lots of people ask us regarding the cost initially but it’s difficult to provide a “one size fits all” estimate due to the fact that buildings differ greatly in size, design and also the degree of cleaning that will be required. Nevertheless, we are beyond certain that you’re going to locate our pricing plans to be very fair and also affordable, providing you the very best feasible worth for your cash!

While we understand that many people are originally lured to clean the residential or commercial property themselves, we would highly advise against this. As we stated above, there is more to it than simply dealing with the surface areas as you would during a normal property clean.

For a correct deep clean, it’s important to use expert expert grade chemicals and devices that’s been specifically created for end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. After the building has been successfully deep cleaned to a spotless criterion, we will certainly issue a detailed list and also an invoice that you can after that provide to your landlord and/or estate representative!

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Do Landlords Have to Clean Between Lessees in the UK?

Presently, there is no legal commitment for property managers to have specialist cleaning performed in between lessees. However, lots of property managers opt to have end of tenancy cleaning carried out by experts anyhow as it is of great benefit to them in many ways. Because of this, we at the Platinum Cleaning Company find that we carry out a great deal of end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company for landlords, despite the fact that is it not needed of them.

A lot of proprietors choose to have end of tenancy cleaning performed as standard to make sure that they are not pestered with issues from brand-new owners. You can also find that if your home has actually been left in an untidy state, lessees might employ professional cleaners and try to have you cover the cost. By having your property cleaned up, renters will be much less likely to complain regarding problems such as mould. Subsequently, this solution will provide you much less of a headache as well as make it much easier to manage your residential property.

A worst-case scenario could see tenants leave your building because of the dirty state it has been left in. Occupants are under no obligation to have expert cleaning carried out, and you do not intend to find yourself in dispute that you might lose. Inevitably, it is much easier to take care of your property with end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. We at the Platinum Cleaning Company can ensure that you do not need to handle the consequences of an unclean home.

How Long Does an End of Tenancy Clean Take?

There is no set time with regards to Platinum Cleaning Company end of tenancy cleaning because plenty relies on the size of your property. Nevertheless, by enlisting the help of the Platinum Cleaning Company, we can have your property beaming within 1 day of you getting in touch and selecting our services. Our experts have plenty of experience, so you can trust that they know just how to work rapidly without jeopardizing on high quality.

We understand that if you are a landlord and also need to bring in new tenants swiftly, you can not afford to delay matters because of cleaning. With this in mind, you can trust our experts as a result of our fast yet remarkable end of tenancy cleaning. Platinum Cleaning Company clients will certainly have a spotless building quickly!

As stated, though, the specific timing of the work can not be stated in concrete as it will depend on how large the home is and also if you have asked for additional services. As standard, our team will record the task through our CRM system, which is installed on our business tablets. By timing this, we can log the moment we arrive and also the time in which we depart the premises.

Along with this, our cleaners will take photos of what jobs were accomplished to provide our customers comfort. Because of our adaptability, we can clean your premises on a specific date, or if you need our aid quickly, we can likewise fit to your demands. This is why we run a service that can be offered 24-hour within your phone call.

What amount Does It Cost for the End of Occupancy Cleaning?

With the end of an occupancy fast approaching, you may be considering taking on the cleaning yourself. As a property owner, that’s great if you have the time. But it will actually cost you extra having to acquire the equipment and also cleaning materials needed to finish the job to a high standard. And if you’re a renter, you have to think about the cash you would certainly lose on top of this if costs are taken out of your down payment.

With rates as affordable as those offered by the Platinum Cleaning Company, we really are the perfect cleaning choice for clients on any budget plan. You can see our prices listed below and also if you ’d like to discover the price of any of our other services, click our prices page.


1-Bed – ₤ 175.

2-Bed – ₤ 200.

3-Bed – ₤ 225.

4-Bed – ₤ 270.

5-Bed – ₤ 300.


1-Bed – ₤ 200.

2-Bed – ₤ 250.

3-Bed – ₤ 275.

4-Bed – ₤ 325.

5-Bed – ₤ 375.

As you can see from our pricing framework, the cost of end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company won’t set you back by a massive amount. Our prices are extremely reasonable and will conserve you money and time along with keeping tenants, property owners, and prospective occupants pleased. When stacked against the losing part or all your down payment, or the rate of expensive cleaning tools and also items, the choice is a no-brainer.

With the end of an occupancy quickly approaching, you might be thinking about dealing with the cleaning yourself. It will actually cost you extra having to purchase the tools and also cleaning supplies needed to complete the job to a high standard. As you can see from our pricing structure, the cost of end of occupancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company will not set you back by a massive amount. When stacked against the losing part or all your security deposit, or the cost of costly cleaning equipment and items, the choice is a no-brainer.

How to Book End of Tenancy Cleaning?

We comprehend that end of occupancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company commonly needs to be booked at short notice. As to not over complicate this process, we at the Platinum Cleaning Company have a straightforward and also fast reservation system for clients. By clicking the ‘Book Now’ button on our site, you’ll be taken through our straightforward reservation system. Conversely, you can speak with a member of our team directly by calling 03301116940 at your ease.

Soon after connecting to our group, we’ll get back to you with any of the called for details, along with a FREE price quote. We will certainly seek advice from you completely to establish what services you call for and also will certainly talk you via all of the anticipated expenses. To make things simpler, we have actually also given an application that will enable you to add and also eliminate services.

Our group are proud to provide adaptable service to all customers, so rest assured that every one of your requirements can be satisfied when dealing with us. We can be at your building for cleaning within 24 hours if needed, so you can count on our team to be there when it is needed most. We can also be booked to service numerous residential properties as our scheduling services can be customized to your demands.

So, if you’ve been asking yourself just how to take advantage of our end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, just connect with us at the Platinum Cleaning Company today. You can reach our pleasant group over the phone now by calling 03301116940. Click the ‘Book Now’ button on our web site, as well as you’ll be assisted through our very easy and quick reservation procedure.

Is Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service for You?

For some, specialist cleaning services such as ours at the Platinum Cleaning Company might not be called for. Property owners with great deals of spare time as well as accessibility to suitable cleaning devices could be able to manage end of occupancy cleaning themselves.

Our end of occupancy cleaning services will certainly conserve property owners both money and time, so if that sounds appealing to you, after that our work makes sure to be of interest. End of occupancy cleaning is likewise likely to improve chances of brand-new owners choosing your flat over those of competing landlords. The tidiness of your home is among the first things potential tenants will certainly notice during a viewing, so if you want to make a wonderful first impression, end of occupancy cleaning is the way to go.

On the reverse side, renters may likewise wish to hire us at the Platinum Cleaning Company for end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. You do not desire there to be any kind of reason for you to lose your security deposit, and that can include an untidy flat. Such an easy problem can be handled conveniently by our team, so concerned occupants would surely take advantage of our thorough cleaning services.

Individual scenarios will, certainly, play a big role in whether or not you need our end of occupancy cleaning services. Nevertheless, using our team just about assures that you won’t encounter any kind of cleaning relevant repercussions at the end of a tenancy.

Is Specialist Cleaning Required at End of Occupancy?

For some proprietors, specialist cleaning is called for at the end of an occupant’s agreement. However, this is no more permitted under the Lessee Costs Act 2019. So, unless this was a part of your contract before 2019, end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company may not be a need for your building. In most cases, it is up to either the landlord or the renter if they desire specialist cleaning to be executed by a team such as ours at the Platinum Cleaning Company.

It deserves keeping in mind that while not a need, the benefits of end of tenancy cleaning far exceed the prospective repercussions of not having it accomplished. Landlords might discover it testing to locate a new occupant if promoting a dirty level. In a similar way, renters might take the chance of losing some or all of their security deposit if they leave a home in poor problem. It is, as a result, constantly worth considering end of tenancy cleaning even if it is not always a lawful demand.

The cleaning company we offer at the Platinum Cleaning Company is thorough, flexible, and also budget-friendly. We clean all locations of your home completely to ensure that there’s no factor for property owners or lessees to be punished. We will see to it that your property is suitabled for new renters to move right into, without its tidiness providing cause for any complaint.

If you were to do it on your own, our professional end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company with constantly be a lot more effective than. Accessibility to the required devices as well as cleaning products means we’re in the most effective setting to deliver this helpful service.

What Are the Perks of End of Tenancy Cleaning?

So, exactly what are the advantages of employing a professional team to take care of completion of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company? An appropriate move out cleaning entails far more than your average Sunday sweeping session.

There are checklists that need to be followed and the majority of people will just not have the ability to deal with the entire procedure themselves. To guarantee that you get your down payment back in full, you require to schedule a detailed deep-cleaning of your leased living space prior to maximizing the residential or commercial property.

This is true whether you’re currently renting out a large terraced residence or a tiny workshop flat– a certified end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company is a must before you abandon the facilities as well as UK property owners are stringent when it pertains to their lease arrangements.

The huge majority of residential or commercial property agreements state that the facilities need to be professionally deep-cleaned by a certified group with a tested record of quality, not the occupant. Luckily, you have actually currently reached Platinum Cleaning Company and also leave cleaning is specifically what are experts in! Actually, many individuals find our company via a recommendation, that makes us really pleased.

With our end of tenancy cleaning Platinum Cleaning Company, you can have assurance knowing that no location of the building will certainly be forgotten. Contact us and we’ll chat you with the whole process, which can consist of every one of the following services, changed to your details scenario:

• Bins Disinfected as well as Cleaned
• Flooring Vacuumed or Mopped
• Limescale Eliminated from Taps as well as Showerheads
• Mattresses and also Upholstery Vacuumed
• Windows Dusted and Washed

Various Extras Available, consisting of Carpet Cleaning, Oven Cleaning and Sofa Cleaning.

What Cleaning Products Are Made Use Of Throughout End of Occupancy Cleaning?

All of the cleaning products we use are environment-friendly, so we can offer our clients with complete peace of mind in the safety of our cleaning service. When you come to us for end of tenancy cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company customers, you can expect a highly effective, yet risk-free, clean.

When it comes to finish of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, many companies use basic cleaning products. These products all contain severe chemicals, as well as this can be harmful to health as they influence air top quality and also can even cause skin soreness. The last thing you want is for your renters to end up being ill or to have a reaction to the chemicals used for cleaning. With our products, nevertheless, you will not need to contend with this concern as they are all flawlessly risk-free for use.

Actually, you will find that the products utilised by the Platinum Cleaning Company are safe for usage around both pets and also young children. So, if you have lessees aligned for among your residential or commercial properties, and they have a child or an animal, you can rest assured understanding our cleaning products are a risk-free and reliable option.

For eco-friendly, expert, as well as efficient end of tenancy cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company customers have the ideal choice in the Platinum Cleaning Company.

What Does an End of Occupancy Clean Include?

If you are looking into choosing a company to carry out end of tenancy cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company customers, you will be would like to know whatever that is included within the price. Well, the benefit about choosing the Platinum Cleaning Company to perform this service is that we offer a considerable service for all our clients.

We really supply excellent value for money with our end of occupancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. Our expert group leave no stone unturned as well as will certainly ensure they clean every space and cranny of your home. The considerable service we offer includes all of the following:

Full Surface Clean, Including Windows as well as Skirting

Flooring Vacuumed and/or Mopped

Clean Inside of Kitchen, Washroom, as well as Integrated Cupboards

Limescale Elimination from Taps and Showerhead

Bins Decontaminated and Cleansed

Cushions as well as Furniture Vacuumed

Windows Dusted and Washed

As you can see from the above checklist, we offer a really detailed service for end of occupancy cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company customers. That isn’t the end of what we can do for you; we additionally supply a range of unique deal packages. These include added services to those discussed over, such as oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, and sofa cleaning.

Better yet, all of the above services will be carried out making use of only eco-friendly cleaning products. So, with the Platinum Cleaning Company, not only will you receive a thorough as well as comprehensive clean for budget friendly prices, you will gain from cleaning goods that are risk-free for both children and animals, guaranteeing the safety of you as well as your tenants.

We genuinely give terrific value for money with our end of occupancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. As you can see from the above listing, we supply a really comprehensive service for end of tenancy cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company customers. These consist of additional services to those pointed out above, such as oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, as well as sofa cleaning.

Why Should You Get Expert End of Tenancy Cleaning?

The term “end of tenancy cleaning”– often referred to as “move out cleaning” instead– explains the procedure of deep-cleaning your leased home prior to liberating the building. While it’s not prohibited for renters to execute the procedure themselves, it’s extremely uncommon that people will certainly have the ability to clean the facilities to the essential standard as there are several lists that need to be completed prior to the handover.

Despite whether you’re renting out a large house or a tiny studio level, there are spaces, crannies and also holes that will have soiled up in time. When people think about an end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, it’s far more involved than the easy regular clean you would certainly carry out at the premises yourself.

UK proprietors are very stringent when it involves rent arrangements as well as the vast majority of them desire the premises to be cleaned by an expert firm, rather than the tenant. This is where Platinum Cleaning Company is available in to help!

One of the most typical sources of down payment disagreements in between renters as well as landlords is the end of tenancy cleaning. Lots of people merely evacuate, hoover the carpets, promptly clean the surface areas and also assume that’s enough however this isn’t the case.

A correct end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company is a big lengthy procedure. You’ll be happy to understand, however, that our team has every one of the expert items and also devices offered to make the place clean and ensure that you get your deposit back in full, without disagreements or delays!

There is no need to consider any other company when it comes to end of occupancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. Our team at the Platinum Cleaning Company boast years of experience in making sure that buildings are beautifully clean. Not only will the aesthetics of your home or flat be boosted, but it will be incredibly hygienic for brand-new occupants.

It can not be less complicated to get in touch with a member of our pleasant team. All you have to do is give us a call! By ringing us on 03301116940, you can inform our staff of what cleaning service you need, and we will certainly proceed to give you a free quote. It is totally up to you whether to give us the thumbs-up, but you will struggle to locate another business that betters our Platinum Cleaning Company end of occupancy cleaning service.

We are the leading cleaning company throughout the South of England as a result of our excellent handiwork, excellent outcomes, and our punctuality. In fact, we can complete the cleaning work within 24-hour of your call should you need it. We will organize a suitable time to see your residential property when you have shown interest. Our cleaners pledge to work around your timetable to reduce degrees of disruption.

Getting us on the phone is an easy means to set up your solution, however you can additionally submit our on-line form. By giving us your name, e-mail address and also number, we can call you asap to arrange our visit. Get the process started!