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The Platinum Cleaning Company team is not here to only satisfy your expectations but surpass them. With our house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company customers are going to get the most thorough yet economical service offered on the marketplace!

When it comes to professional cleaning companies based in Southern England, we’re certainly the leading choice. We cover Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, West Sussex and Somerset and have devoted client bases in all of those counties.

For Platinum Cleaning Company, it’s very important to make sure that our clients get the very best possible value for their cash. We routinely benchmark our services against those of our closest competitors to guarantee that our rates remain competitive and affordable for everyone.

For many years, Platinum Cleaning Company has ended up being understood for uncompromising professionalism and vital market competence. We’re sure to have a team near you that can offer you the precise cleaning solution that you’ve been trying to find!

Fantastic Service and Professional Equipment

In order to ensure consistently high-quality outcomes, we just use the best expert cleaning devices available on the market. The services we offer are constantly carried out with terrific care and we will pay your residential or commercial property the utmost respect while working, treating it as if it were our own.

You can have complete assurance when hiring Platinum Cleaning Business for your house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company clients. All of our processes are child-friendly, pet-friendly and environmentally safe also!

This is because we make use of a complete range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. As a company, we constantly take an environmentally friendly approach any place possible. For instance, we attempt to run a paperless office at our head office.

So, when you need some help with your house cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, you now understand who to call for the full service. As soon as we’re done, your home will be sparkling clean from top to bottom and the service will always be arranged at a hassle-free time that suits your schedule.

Let the Specialists Deal With the Platinum Cleaning Company House Cleaning

All of our routine house cleaning clients pay simply ₤ 18 per hour– we do not charge VAT. All of our cleaners bring protected card readers with them, so you have the choice to pay in cash or by card– whichever approach is the most practical one for you.

Each and every employee uses an ID badge and records their work on our wise CRM system utilizing a tablet. This consists of noting down the time of their arrival and departure as well as photographing the work that they’ve completed!

This extensive detailed process enables us to make certain that our high requirements are constantly satisfied throughout a house cleaning. Platinum Cleaning Company clients, we’re confident that you will never ever want to employ another team of cleaners after you’ve experienced the unique service used by Platinum Cleaning Company first-hand.

To get the ball rolling on your task, you can give our staff member a contact 03301116940 or fill in our easy enquiry type with your details– we will return to you as soon as possible using your preferred approach of contact!

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What Cleaning Products Are Used During House Cleaning?

This is a question that we’re often asked, and the fact is that we comprehend totally the concern that borders chemical-based cleaners. It’s not only unpleasant to have your home smell of chemicals, but it can also be concerning, especially if you have children or family pets. The good news is that for house cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, we only ever use cleaners which are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Such cleaning products are not only kind to the environment but also safe to use around children and also pets, providing you with complete assurance. Extreme chemicals can not only affect your health but also possibly damage surfaces throughout your home. Our cleaning services neither impact air quality, nor do they have any kind of corrosive or bleaching effect on surfaces.

Our cleaners are knowledgeable about which products to use in which surfaces. Where fragile or sensitive surfaces are present, we’ll guarantee that inconspicuous spot testing is carried out initially. If the surface shows signs of reacting to the remedy, we’ll select a different product. We always pay you and also your home with the utmost respect, so you can derive complete assurances when employing our cleaners.

For eco-friendly, professional, as well as reliable house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company customers have the perfect choice in the Platinum Cleaning Company. If you would like to discuss our products in more detail, say if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and reach out to our friendly team.

What are the Benefits of House Cleaning?

While the response might appear obvious, there are really several reasons that it’s beneficial to have your home routinely cleaned. Among the most obvious benefits is that cleaning assists to eliminate bacteria and minimize the spread of germs throughout your home. By utilizing the ideal cleaning products and concentrating on the pertinent surfaces, you can kill the more harmful bacteria present in your home, consequently decreasing the chance of disease.

Another benefit to come from house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company customers, is that you’re most likely to keep away unwanted bugs. Mice, cockroaches, and other comparable family insects thrive in dirty environments, as they’re drawn in to the smell of food and more. If you want to keep these bothersome invaders away from your property, then the best service is to carry out frequent cleaning, especially in food preparation areas.

One of the less talked about benefits of regular house cleaning is the significant decrease of tension. Having an unpleasant house when you currently have a hectic schedule can be the last straw for numerous. By performing cleaning in your home frequently, you’ll have a more comfy environment in which to relax and enjoy your spare time.

If any of these benefits sound appealing to you, then it’s time you think about professional house cleaning. Platinum Cleaning Company clients can make the most of our team at Platinum Cleaning Company, who will take on all the heavy problems to carry out extensive cleaning in your property. The technique from our fully trained personnel will make sure that you get to delight in all of the benefits detailed above and more!

Why Should You Get House Cleaning?

There are numerous factors as to why you need to buy house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company homeowners, particularly from a group like Platinum Cleaning Company. One of the primary factors, however, is that your house can be sparkling clean with little effort on your part. All you require to do is make a telephone call and set up a time that matches you, and our cleaning team will do the rest. We will guarantee every inch of your home is looked after and looking great as brand-new.

There are likewise many reasons to invest in this service that rely on the type of property you own and your life. For instance, if you are a landlord with several properties, keeping on top of the cleaning in between tenants can be stressful and time consuming. However, with our professional services, your rental properties can be kept in pristine condition in between renters, that makes it much more likely you will attract brand-new tenants.

If you are an occupant who is on their way out of a leased home, you will be far more likely to get your deposit back from the property manager if you purchase an expert clean very first. Making sure the property is gleaming prior to you leave is a little investment to make however might lead to getting the entirety of your deposit back.

You might be a house owner who has children that keep you hectic or a job that keeps you far from home a great deal of the time. With our services, you won’t have to stress over the upkeep of your home as we will guarantee it is kept clean and tidy.

How to Schedule House Cleaning?

Scheduling your comprehensive house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company customers, couldn’t be any easier now that you’ve learnt about Platinum Cleaning Company. We are totally versatile when it comes to your distinct schedule and we’re sure to have an expert group nearby that can respond to a request on extremely brief notice!

The easiest way to reserve your service is calling our friendly group of cleaning specialists straight on 03301116940. In case you would prefer to send your requirements over to us in writing, you can simply send a fast message through our online enquiry kind and we will return to you as soon as possible using your preferred contact technique.

Over the years, we’ve built up an enviable reputation in Southern England and a loyal customer base that would not think twice to attest our excellence. This is shown by the many positive reviews we have actually received for our options.

You’re more than welcome to go through this genuine feedback on our easily accessible website. Seeing these remarks first-hand should offer you all of the peace of mind that you required for hiring us for house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company.

It’s a great source of pride for us that we now get a lot of brand-new demands through referrals and recommendations. This should give you complete assurance as you’ll know that Platinum Cleaning Company will constantly go that extra mile in order to help with a customer demand, whatever it may be!

Is Our House Cleaning Service for You?

We are confident that you will not find a better business that supplies top-notch house cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. Here at the Platinum Cleaning Company, we go the extra mile to make sure that the requirements of our customers are met. There are specific features that set us apart from competitors in our field.

When you enlist the competence of our team, you will be assigned your own cleaner. This permits you to develop a reliable professional relationship, and you can bask knowing that your property is safe. Also, they will be familiar with every inch of your home, ensuring that no corner is missed. After each clean, your property will be left gleaming!

For peace of mind, ID badges are worn by all of our cleaners and they record whatever by means of a CRM system on a tablet. So, when they show up on your property, they will be able to record the time and the time in which they leave. As well as this, your dedicated cleaner will take pictures of the property once they have completed their work. This enables you to keep track of the cleaning that has actually been done.

In addition to having a safe and safe system in place, our house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company clients, includes using environmentally-friendly products. Our solutions are safe for your household and animals, and it also minimises our impact on the environment. In spite of utilising non-toxic solutions, they are just as effective, if not more, than chemical cleaners.

How much time Does A House Clean Take?

This is a common question and a fair one, though there isn’t a decisive answer as the truth of the matter is that it differs from one home to the next. Variables that’ll add to this include the size of the property as well as the existing condition of the property. If your house has actually not been cleaned in months and dirt, dust, and also grime have accumulated, house cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company could take longer than if the opposite were true.

Additionally, compare a large 5-bed home to a little studio apartment; the latter will undoubtedly take a hr or so while the former could possibly take anywhere up to a day. Unlike end of tenancy cleaning, our routine house cleaning Platinum Cleaning Company service does not go into as much depth. These are normally once a week jobs, therefore can frequently be finished promptly. Our spring-cleaning service, on the other hand, is much more in-depth therefore might possibly take a lot longer.

While we’re paid by the hour, we’ll never ever drag out a job longer than is needed. And we’ll never cut corners either to finish promptly. We’ll take as long as it takes to guarantee your house is left spotless throughout. We come prepared with all the required tools and devices and also will certainly tackle all the services you’ve opted for via our app. When it concerns house cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, the Platinum Cleaning Company is trustworthy, cost effective, as well as effective.

If you wish to discuss our Platinum Cleaning Company house cleaning service in much more detail, give us a call now.

How Much Does it Cost for House Cleaning?

This is a question we get asked quite regularly, and we entirely understand why. Prior to purchasing a service, you will would like to know how much it is going to cost you. The simple response here is that it differs and there is no one size fits all rate for house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company citizens. You will discover it depends upon a range of elements, from the size of your property to the condition it remains in.

Our routine cleaning and spring cleaning rates are both set at ₤ 18/hr, nevertheless the last rate will depend upon for how long it requires to clean your property. Here at the Platinum Cleaning Company, our cleaners are highly knowledgeable and work rapidly and effectively.

If you have a small 2 bedroom flat that is in good condition, you will find it obviously takes less time to clean than a 5 bedroom home in the very same condition. Nevertheless, if your home is a little worse for wear and needs a bit more work, it will take longer to clean.

In addition, the time it takes can differ depending upon whether you want a full house clean or only a few spaces. As you can see, every home, and every house owner’s, needs are various and so it is a question we can’t answer without additional details.

Our team will be more than pleased to discuss your requirements in more detail, from your home type to your particular requirements. From there, we can produce a quote in both time and cost for you.

What is Included in Regular House Cleaning?

While you now understand that we at Platinum Cleaning Company have access to the very best devices and deal affordable costs, just what is included in our service for house cleaning? Platinum Cleaning Company citizens will be pleased to know that we perform a wide range of cleaning work as part of our service. You can expect us to cover every area of your house thoroughly to ensure that it is left as clean as possible.

For a start, we will clean down all surfaces in your home and make sure that they are free from stains. Our team can hoover the floors, clean glass surfaces, and even alter the bed ought to it be required. Not just will we remove spots and remove dirty fabrics, but we will likewise arrange your products so that they are returned in the proper location. This work consists of folding towels, returning books and other home media, and far more.

When performing all of this work, you can anticipate our team to take advantage of the cleaning resources previously discussed. Our team will make certain that each location of your home is dealt with utilizing the proper cleaning item. By doing this, it will take us less time to tend to particular features, thereby decreasing the cost of our service.

You can take a look at our house cleaning Platinum Cleaning Company page today to see the full degree of our routine service. The list here lays out all of the services we provide and will provide you a better concept of what you can make the most of when you hire our team.

Why is it Worth Getting Expert Cleaners?

With our cost-effective and environmentally friendly services, you won’t recognise your residential or commercial property once we’re finished with your house cleaning. Platinum Cleaning Company locals, we have a number of expert teams nearby who will make your home sparkle from top to bottom!

Often, people employ our services when they unexpectedly have a great deal of work to do and just can’t find the time to maintain the residential or commercial property. We also get a great deal of company from new moms and dads who feel a bit overwhelmed with the unforeseen mess and obligations.

Whatever the reason might be that you’re looking for expert cleaners online, it is definitely worth hiring Platinum Cleaning Company to make your home supremely clean, sanitary, airy and extremely enjoyable to hang around and captivate visitors in.

In order to make sure the greatest possible quality and consistent results for every client, we just use the very best cleaning devices available on the market. Combined with our vital skillset and variety of environmentally friendly cleaning products, the result is nothing except incredible.

If you’ve been thinking of working with professional cleaners, then you’re welcome to reach out to Platinum Cleaning Company for a casual chat. No strings connected– we’ll listen to your requirements, make a couple of suggestions and use you an estimate without any obligation to dedicate, so you understand precisely what to anticipate. You for that reason have nothing to lose and everything to gain from connecting to our friendly team of professionals!

What Is Included in A Spring House Cleaning?

We’ve already mentioned our regular cleaning services; here at the Platinum Cleaning Company, we offer spring-cleaning solutions too. Even if you stay on top of regular cleaning, if it’s not being taken care of professionally, the results will likely vary. There might be areas that get missed out on or merely do not get the attention they need. The beauty of our extensive house cleaning Platinum Cleaning Company service is that it can be set up at routine intervals throughout the year to resolve these issues.

Spring-cleaning services are a fantastic means of hitting the reset button as it were. When you hire us for house cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, we can keep your home at a workable degree of tidiness. Or you can opt to have us care for the regular cleaning as well for even better results that last all year long. Included within our spring-cleaning services are a number of the services we provide with our regular cleaning provision.

We can also clean your terrace and balcony areas, from cleaning floors to wiping down tables, chairs, veranda panels, and also patio windows. We clean the porch and entranceway, wiping down the front door, and brushing as well as mopping the floor. We cover the inside of your windows can provide our own step ladder to clean windows within a reachable height.

And also remember, as we’ve mentioned various times above, our convenient app gives you the choice to add and remove services as required. If you would like to find out more concerning our spring-cleaning options, call our house cleaning Platinum Cleaning Company team today.

If you’ve been impressed by reading about the cleaning services we offer, then do not think twice to get in touch with us at Platinum Cleaning Company today! Our team are always ready to take on questions from interested homeowners who wish to take advantage of our house cleaning. Platinum Cleaning Company customers will discover that it’s never been easier to organize cleaning company than it is through our team.

When you reach out to our staff, you can expect to receive a FREE scheduling price quote. We’ll gladly go through the services we have offered and introduce you to the scheduling alternatives we offer. Our team will talk to you to identify your particular needs and create a cleaning strategy that is economical and will leave your home shimmering. The customized technique we provide at this stage sets us apart as a vital business to deal with.

If you aren’t available for an immediate telephone call assessment, then why not connect to our team by means of email or through our online contact kind. Our staff will return to you as soon as possible with all the required information so that you can make an informed decision on our services. We’re extensive in our method, so we’ll guarantee that you’re conscious of every information prior to scheduling you in for house cleaning.

Platinum Cleaning Company locals who are ready to get going should reach out to us at Platinum Cleaning Company today. You can call us now on 03301116940, email us at [email protected], or fill out our online contact form. Whatever method you choose, you can anticipate to get up and running with our skilled team in no time.