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Are you a hectic specialist who struggles to discover the time to keep on top of the household chores? Perhaps you are a landlord with a string of residential or commercial properties and are looking for a business to perform house cleaning between renters. Whatever your requirements may be, you need look no further than the Platinum Cleaning Company, where we provide professional cleaning services at affordable rates.

In fact, both our routine cleaning and spring cleaning services are priced at only ₤ 18/hr, which is extremely competitive. The time it will require to clean your home can vary depending upon numerous aspects, such as the size of your house and the condition it is in. A larger house, for example, will take longer to clean than a small flat. We can offer a detailed quote for you upon conversation of your requirements.

Our group of cleaners are all expert, trustworthy, and highly trained. And, as a company, we have over twenty years of experience in the industry, so we boast understanding that is second to none. When you concern us for your house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company, rest assured you will receive the highest quality service and results.

So, to begin benefitting from our cleaning company, call the Platinum Cleaning Company today on 03301116940.

Our Platinum Cleaning Company House Cleaning Service

Here at the Platinum Cleaning Company, we work a little differently to your basic cleaning business. When you choose us for your house cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, you will be assigned your extremely own cleaner. Most companies have a revolving door of cleaners, with somebody new cleaning your house whenever. With us, nevertheless, you will take advantage of a friendly face and a cleaner that knows your residential or commercial property and your particular needs.

Your cleaner will have comprehensive experience and know-how, allowing them to get your home sparkling and looking its best. The training and professional knowledge of your cleaner will ensure that the proper products are utilized on the correct surfaces; even fragile and delicate surfaces will be treated with the utmost care.

As a business, we at the Platinum Cleaning Company make every effort to limit our influence on the environment, something increasingly more clients discover crucial too. This is why we only utilize non-toxic and environment-friendly products when performing house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company residents. Nevertheless, even if these are environmentally friendly products safe even for pets, doesn’t suggest they are inferior in quality. These are just as reliable as any chemical cleaner, so we can still achieve a gleaming clean.

Just by hiring our cleaners at the Platinum Cleaning Company will you gain from all of the following:

• Highly Skilled Team
• Reliable Services
• Environmentally Friendly
• Affordably Priced

Whether you are a property owner with multiple homes, a hectic professional with little time to spare, or merely require some help staying on top of the household chores, we can help. Just provide the Platinum Cleaning Company a call today on 03301116940 and we will be more than delighted to discuss your requirements for house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company residents.

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What Cleaning Products Are Used Throughout House Cleaning?

This is a question we get asked a lot by prospective customers, and we fully comprehend the reason behind it. You wish to be sure that any products used throughout the cleaning of your house are safe and won’t trigger any damage to furnishings or your health. Plus, if you have children or pets, you want to guarantee the products utilized are safe for them too. Well, here at the Platinum Cleaning Company, we only utilized the most safe products that have been completely looked into and tested.

In fact, one of our top concerns as a business is to ensure we do everything we can to reduce any influence on the environment, and this reaches our use of products. When you hire us for house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company homeowners, you can feel confident knowing all of the products we use are non-toxic and environment-friendly.

All of the products we utilize are chemical-free, but that does not indicate they achieve an inferior clean. Our cleaning products are guaranteed to be just as reliable as chemical cleaners, something we have thoroughly researched. Plus, as they are chemical-free, they are very safe to use and easy on the environment. You will discover they are even safe for usage in houses that have children or animals.

So, for a company that prides itself on using the most safe, eco-friendly products whilst still achieving a sparkling clean, look no further. Call the Platinum Cleaning Company on 03301116940 to discuss your requirements further.

What are the Advantages of House Cleaning?

While the response may appear obvious, there are in fact many different reasons why it’s beneficial to have your home regularly cleaned. One of the most obvious advantages is that cleaning assists to eliminate germs and reduce the spread of germs throughout your property. By utilizing the best cleaning products and concentrating on the pertinent surfaces, you can kill the more harmful bacteria present in your house, consequently lowering the chance of disease.

Another advantage to come from house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company clients, is that you’re more likely to keep away undesirable insects. Mice, cockroaches, and other comparable family pests flourish in unclean environments, as they’re brought in to the smell of food and more. If you wish to keep these bothersome intruders away from your property, then the best solution is to perform frequent cleaning, particularly in cooking locations.

One of the less spoke about benefits of regular home cleaning is the significant reduction of stress. Having an untidy house when you currently have a hectic schedule can be the final stroke for many. By performing cleaning in your residential or commercial property typically, you’ll have a more comfortable environment in which to unwind and enjoy your leisure time.

If any of these advantages sound attracting you, then it’s time you think about professional house cleaning. Platinum Cleaning Company clients can make the most of our team at Platinum Cleaning Company, who will handle all the heavy concerns to carry out comprehensive cleaning in your home. The method from our completely trained staff will ensure that you get to enjoy all of the advantages described above and more!

Why Should You Get House Cleaning?

There are numerous factors regarding why you need to invest in house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company homeowners, particularly from a group like Platinum Cleaning Company. Among the main factors, however, is that your house can be shimmering clean with little effort on your part. All you require to do is make a phone call and organize a time that fits you, and our cleaning group will do the rest. We will ensure every inch of your house is taken care of and looking good as brand-new.

There are also many reasons to invest in this service that rely on the type of property you own and your every day life. For example, if you are a landlord with numerous homes, continuing top of the cleaning in between renters can be exhausting and time consuming. Nevertheless, with our professional services, your rental homes can be kept in pristine condition between tenants, that makes it a lot more most likely you will attract new tenants.

If you are a tenant who is on their way out of a leased home, you will be far more most likely to get your deposit back from the landlord if you buy an expert clean first. Guaranteeing the home is gleaming prior to you leave is a little financial investment to make but could result in getting the totality of your deposit back.

You may be a homeowner who has kids that keep you hectic or a job that keeps you away from house a lot of the time. With our services, you won’t have to stress over the maintenance of your home as we will guarantee it is kept clean and tidy.

How to Schedule House Cleaning?

Scheduling your cleaning service through the Platinum Cleaning Company might not be much easier! Merely give us a call on 03301116940 and we can begin the procedure. Our team will discuss the services we offer, and this will offer you an opportunity to discuss your requirements. We will offer you with an in-depth quote for our house cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company and then it is up to you to go ahead.

Additionally, you can reach us online. Fill in the contact form on our site, leaving your name, email address, contact number, and your message. As soon as we have actually received your demand, a member of our team will get in touch and set up the booking.

Keep in mind that we operate a tailored service. We understand that every family works in a different way depending on lifestyle and work. Our expert cleaners are more than delighted to set up a cleaning regime that fits around your schedule. For example, if you would like your property to be cleaned during the day or you would choose us to clean over night, then let us understand.

As a company, we are known for accommodating our clients to make sure that every requirement is met. In Platinum Cleaning Company, house cleaning services do not come much better than ours. From the preliminary call to the reservation, every procedure is carried out effortlessly. You will not be waiting long before our cleaners get to work! Plus, you will be appointed a dedicated cleaner to look after your home, covering every inch from top to bottom.

Is Our House Cleaning Service for You?

We are positive that you will not discover a much better business that offers top quality house cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. Here at the Platinum Cleaning Company, we go the extra mile to ensure that the requirements of our clients are fulfilled. There specify features that set us apart from competitors in our field.

When you enlist the knowledge of our team, you will be designated your own cleaner. This permits you to build up a credible professional relationship, and you can bask understanding that your residential or commercial property is safe. Also, they will be familiar with every inch of your home, making sure that no corner is missed. After each clean, your residential or commercial property will be left shining!

For assurance, ID badges are worn by all of our cleaners and they record whatever by means of a CRM system on a tablet. So, when they get here on your property, they will be able to record the time and the time in which they leave. In addition to this, your devoted cleaner will take photos of the home once they have completed their work. This allows you to keep an eye on the cleaning that has been done.

In addition to having a safe and safe system in place, our house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company customers, consists of the use of environmentally-friendly products. Our solutions are safe for your family and animals, and it likewise minimises our influence on the environment. Despite using non-toxic solutions, they are just as reliable, if not more, than chemical cleaners.

How Long Does A House Clean Take?

There are many aspects to think about when trying to evaluate the time it would require to perform a thorough top to bottom house cleaning. Platinum Cleaning Company homes can vary greatly in size, layout and condition, so there’s no general response that we can use that would be accurate for every single requirement.

Some of the considerations include the number of bedrooms that require to be cleaned, whether the bathroom is in good condition and the presence of hard-to-access locations at the properties. As soon as the team at Platinum Cleaning Company gets a more comprehensive summary of your specific situation, they will have the ability to give you a a lot more accurate timeline for completion.

Here at Platinum Cleaning Company, our company believe in finishing the job right the first time around. While we’re really skilled and effectively geared up with the latest market tools, which enables us to work fast, we would never hurry a job.

This is since we value quality over quantity. When working with a group of professional house cleaners in Platinum Cleaning Company, it’s important not to pick the first team you discover that assures to complete the service in just an hour.

Attention to detail and the proper use of licensed products is definitely essential, so speed isn’t the top priority for us. However, we work quickly and thoroughly, at a price that you will find fair and market-appropriate!

How Much Does it Cost for House Cleaning?

Typically what puts off people from hiring a company to accomplish expert house cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company is the cost. Also a low price can be off-putting, especially when you can just do the work yourself. But consider what we’ve currently talked about over. You have enough on your plate without wasting valuable time cleaning your house. And also you aren’t necessarily going to be able to clean it to the same standards that we can complete.

And when you consider the money invested in purchasing cleaning chemicals, tools, and also also tools, the expense quickly accumulates. Consider your time spent, as well as the total price can often surpass the advantages of doing the work yourself. If you’re a tenant currently renting a home, you additionally have to consider your down payment– if you move out, you can lose a lot of this to your landlord to cover cleaning costs.

At the Platinum Cleaning Company, we keep our costs as affordable as they can be. We bill just ₤ 15 per hour for both our regular and spring-cleaning services. We never ever charge VAT, and we do not levy concealed charges onto our clients. What you see is what you pay– straightforward. This keeps every little thing affordable as well as within the budget plan of the majority of homeowners.

For your money, you’ll receive a full, thorough, multi-tier Platinum Cleaning Company house cleaning service that’s customized to you. You’re in complete control as our clever app lets you add and remove services as you see fit. Do not need any type of ironing doing this week? Or maybe your carpetings want a little beautifying. Just choose what you do or don’t require, and also this will certainly establish for how long we invest in your home.

What is Included in Regular House Cleaning?

Here at the Platinum Cleaning Company, we totally understand why so many possible customers ask us this question. You want to know before committing that you are getting good value for your money and what, precisely, we will be carrying out in your residential or commercial property. Well, with our house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company residents, you will get a thorough service that will make your home sparkle.

Our cleaners will perform an extensive clean, from the smallest areas right up to larger surfaces. In fact, you can expect your cleaner to perform the following:

• Fingerprints Removed on Glass/Mirrors and Doors
• Light Surfaces Wipe Throughout
• Skirting Boards Cleaned
• Window Sills Wiped
• Light Clean on Floors
• Ornaments and Picture Frames Cleaned

The above are simply a few of the smaller tasks that our cleaners can perform as part of your house cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. They can likewise alter the beds, fold washing and towels, vacuum and mop the flooring, and thoroughly clean the restroom, consisting of basin, shower, toilet, and bath.

As you can see from the above, which doesn’t completely encompass all of the work we can perform for you, there isn’t much we won’t do to guarantee your residential or commercial property is sparkling clean. If there are any particular areas you long for us to focus on, you only need to let us know and we can handle it. Additionally, if you have any concerns about what is involved in our house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company locals, feel free to connect and talk to our expert team who will be more than happy to assist.

Why is it Worth Getting Expert Cleaners?

Lots of people question the worth of professional cleaners, especially given that the job done is apparently similar to what you could perform yourself. At Platinum Cleaning Company, we’re here to ensure clients that there is a world of difference in between professional work and taking on house cleaning yourself. There are several reasons regarding why this holds true, a number of which are detailed listed below.

For a start, property owners are not likely to have access to the cleaning products that are needed to carry out comprehensive house cleaning. Platinum Cleaning Company homeowners are, therefore, mostly incapable of cleaning away stains and mould to the level that professionals can. Even if you were to buy the products needed, you’ll wind up spending a small fortune and still need to carry out the work yourself. Working with specialists proves to be more affordable in this regard.

What’s more, professionals are highly experienced, totally trained, and have a lot of experience. These qualities are unparalleled to the average property owner, who carries out cleaning sometimes. Not only will specialists be much better geared up, however they will also understand the best techniques for cleaning efficiently. In some cases, property owners attempting to clean alone can make things even worse by utilizing the wrong cleaning products on furnishings and surfaces. Professionals will not make this mistake.

Either of the above reasons is enough to think about working with expert cleaners to carry out house cleaning. Platinum Cleaning Company property owners require just check out our history at Platinum Cleaning Company to see just how much of a distinction the attention of specialists can make.

What Is Included in A Spring House Cleaning?

At Platinum Cleaning Company, we understand that some property owners choose to perform comprehensive cleaning sessions throughout the year rather than take the little and frequently route. This technique inevitably results in some areas of your home not being cleaned for months on end, leaving more work for later on in the year. Nevertheless, we totally understand this technique and are happy to help with our own spring-cleaning service! Read on to learn what’s consisted of in this unique service.

You can schedule our team to visit your home a few times throughout the year to carry out extensive house cleaning. Platinum Cleaning Company residents will find that much of what is included in our spring-cleaning service becomes part of our routine cleaning. The main distinction is that our team will likely require to spend longer at your home as there will be more cleaning to handle. Just as with all our services though, we will deal with speed and efficiency to finish the job as soon as possible.

Along with our indoor cleaning, you can also anticipate our team to tackle the outside locations of your home. If you have a balcony, patio, or outdoor patio, our group can clean it down and eliminate all the filth and grime. You’ll discover that this specific aspect of our spring cleaning is finest performed throughout the sunnier months when the weather is more permitting. However, as a versatile company, we can, naturally, have this work completed whenever it is convenient for you.

There are numerous reasons regarding why you might need an expert service for house cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company, and there is no better business to work with than the Platinum Cleaning Company. We have over 20 years of experience in the market and a group of cleaners who are all highly trained and certified. With our experience and knowledge, we will understand exactly how to proceed with your clean. Plus, we only ever utilize non-toxic and environment-friendly products, ensuring their safety for usage around you, your furnishings, and both kids and animals.

If you are interested in hiring our professional and friendly cleaners, there are numerous methods which you can contact us. Initially, you can give us a call today on 03301116940 and a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements even more and have you booked in.

Second, you can complete the easy online form on our website, leaving your contact details and a brief message with your questions or requirements. We will react as soon as possible by means of your preferred contact method to go over whatever additional and have you reserved in for a Platinum Cleaning Company house cleaning.

Third, you can send us an email to [email protected] if you choose. If you leave your preferred contact method in addition to any questions you may have, we will respond to discuss further with you.

Despite the method which you contact us, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you.