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Are you currently in the process of moving out of a rented out home as well as you need an end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company? In that case, you’ve come to the ideal location as that’s precisely what the devoted group at Platinum Cleaning Company specialises in. Keep reading below to find out more concerning what makes us stand apart from various other service providers!

The term “end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company” refers to the specialist deep cleaning of the flat or house that you have actually been renting out prior to the brand-new lessees move in. While there are some exemptions, the large bulk of contemporary UK occupancy agreements mention that the residential or commercial property should be professionally deep cleaned prior to the lessee leaves. This is where our experts come in to help.

People commonly ask yourself whether it’s truly essential to work with a professional company for their end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company While cleaning the properties might seem straightforward externally, there’s far more to it than just hoovering the carpetings and also dusting the surfaces.

As a matter of fact, the lack of specialist deep cleaning upon moving out is among the major reasons for down payment disagreements in between tenants as well as landlords. There specify deep cleaning details as well as checklists that demand to be purely abided by in order to make sure that you do not shed a part of your deposit.

Let the Professionals Handle Your End of Tenancy Cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company.

As we’ve established, the majority of UK renters require to get the experience of expert cleaners when they vacate a residential or commercial property. It’s important to do your research and also ensure that you’re dealing with certified experts with a proven track record of past excellence. This is where Platinum Cleaning Company truly stands out from the competition!

We are really experienced with this type of cleaning as well as we won’t be frightened by the extensive lists. Our expert cleaners are going to make sure that every single requirement is thoroughly attained.

Lots of people ask us concerning the price first however it’s difficult to offer a “one size fits all” price quote since residential properties vary considerably in size, format and the degree of cleaning that will certainly be called for. Nonetheless, we are beyond certain that you’re going to locate our rates packages to be extremely fair and competitive, offering you the best feasible worth for your cash!

While we know that many individuals are initially tempted to clean the property themselves, we would highly advise against this. As we claimed above, there is more to it than merely caring for the surface areas as you would certainly during a routine home clean.

For an appropriate deep clean, it’s important to utilize specialist expert grade chemicals as well as devices that’s been specifically made for end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. After the residential or commercial property has actually been effectively deep cleaned to a spotless standard, we will issue a comprehensive checklist and an invoice that you can after that provide to your property owner and/or estate representative!

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Do Landlords Have to Clean In Between Lessees in the UK?

Many property managers have asked us this question, and while we at the Platinum Cleaning Company most definitely encourage property owners to clean in between renters, it isn’t something they lawfully need to do. Simply due to the fact that it isn’t an officially binding regulation, doesn’t suggest it isn’t helpful and shouldn’t be done. There are numerous factors concerning why property managers should perform end of occupancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, some of which we have reviewed below.

One factor as to why you need to undertake end of occupancy cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company clients, is that it makes it a lot easier to rent out your apartments. No one prefers stay in a home that is unhygienic and also messy, and not carrying out cleaning in between tenants could cause yours staying empty.

You can soon find yourself on the receiving end of complaints if by chance somebody does choose to relocate in. Nobody loves coping with issues, as well as a simple way to ensure this doesn’t occur to you is to have cleaning conducted in between occupants, maintaining your house clean as well as tenants content.

Not only can occupants complain if the apartment is unclean, they can also pay for a specialist firm to clean it and then bill this to you, their property manager. If they make decision to do this, you have no control over the firm they hire, as well as while we at the Platinum Cleaning Company offering economical prices, lots of companies ask for outrageous fees which you can be charged for.

So, while it isn’t a lawful responsibility to undertake end of tenancy cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company property managers, it is something we definitely advise.

For how long Does an End of Tenancy Clean Take?

Since plenty depends on the dimensions of your premises, there is no set time with regards to Platinum Cleaning Company end of tenancy cleaning. By employing the aid of the Platinum Cleaning Company, we can have your home beaming within 24 hours of you getting in touch and choosing our solutions. Our specialists have lots of experience, so you can trust that they know just how to work rapidly without endangering on quality.

We understand that if you are a landlord and also need to bring in brand-new tenants promptly, you can not afford to postpone issues because of cleaning. With this in mind, you can trust our specialists because of our rapid yet outstanding end of occupancy cleaning. Platinum Cleaning Company clients will have a spick-and-span home in no time at all!

As stated, though, the precise timing of the job can not be stated in concrete as it will rely on just how large the building is as well as if you have asked for additional services. As standard, our team will certainly record the task through our CRM system, which is set up on our company tablets. By timing this, we can log the moment we show up and the time in which we depart the premises.

In addition to this, our cleaners will certainly take photos of what jobs were carried out to offer our clients comfort. Due to our flexibility, we can clean your premises on a certain date, or if you require our assistance quickly, we can likewise fit to your demands. This is why we operate a service that can be readily available 1 day within your call.

How Much Does It Cost for the End of Occupancy Cleaning?

As the end of your current tenancy approaches, as a landlord or lessee, you may be taking into consideration end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. Here at the Platinum Cleaning Company, we are aware of those problems, and as such, have put with each other an array of cost effective prices alternatives for occupants and landlords.


1 Bedroom = ₤ 175.

2 Bedroom = ₤ 200.

3 Bedroom = ₤ 225.

4 Bedroom = ₤ 270.

5 Bedroom = ₤ 300.


1 Bedroom = ₤ 200.

2 Bedroom = ₤ 250.

3 Bedroom = ₤ 275.

4 Bedroom = ₤ 325.

5 Bedroom = ₤ 375.

The cost lists mentioned above show the flexible alternatives we have offered for customers. We can tackle homes of all size, with the jump in expense from a one-bedroom flat to a five-bedroom house not being unreasonable. Taking into consideration the quality of the tools and also cleaning tools we use, in addition to the knowledge that comes with our job, our prices offer terrific worth for money.

Even if our fees do not seem right away enticing, you’ll quickly understand simply exactly how sensible they when you look into the expense of purchasing your own equipment and cleaning products. As well as the amount of time you’ll have to devote to deep clean appropriately. For our thorough and complete solutions, the costs we have actually assembled are a few of one of the most competitive on the market.

As the end of your present occupancy approaches, as a property owner or tenant, you may be thinking about end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. Here at the Platinum Cleaning Company, we are aware of those worries, and also as such, have placed together an array of cost effective prices options for property managers as well as owners. Considering the quality of the tools and cleaning tools we work with, as well as the proficiency that comes with our job, our fees provide good worth for money.

Also if our costs do not appear right away enticing, you’ll soon understand just exactly how affordable they when you look into the cost of acquiring your own equipment and cleaning products.

How to Book End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Here at the Platinum Cleaning Company, we know that managing homes is a time consuming work. The last thing you need to have is an overcomplicated system when you are attempting to book end of occupancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. This is why we work to make the process straightforward and very easy for you.

When you choose to use our end of tenancy cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company clients, you will certainly see we provide multiple methods which to book, every one of which are fast and straightforward. One way you can contact the Platinum Cleaning Company to book is to call us on 03301116940. We can deal with both reserving and pricing quote over the phone in one straightforward phone call.

On our website, we also offer a helpful on-line form which you can fill in with your details and enquiry or request. This is quick and very easy to fill out and one of our team will certainly contact you to provide a quote and book you in. You can likewise send us an email at [email protected] with your information and we will have your Platinum Cleaning Company end of tenancy cleaning booked in.

As soon as you contact us, via any one of the above techniques, we will certainly set up to carry out your cleaning service on a date that is convenient to you. We aim to be as flexible as possible so as to fit around your busy calendar, and in most cases, we can have your home cleaned within 24 hours of your first contact.

Is Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service for You?

You may have thought about many companies to care for your end of tenancy cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company clients. You will have a hard time to find one that matches the quality and also integrity of our team here at the Platinum Cleaning Company. We are widely considered as one of the leading cleaners in the South of England as a result of our flawless services.

It is important for your residential properties to be gleaming clean when inviting a brand-new tenant if you are a landlord. By picking our experts, you will certainly be dealing with a team of cleaners that have large experience in the industry. We additionally stick out above other companies as we only use eco-friendly cleaning items. Actually, we make use of the ISO14001 Environmental Management System to minimize the effect that our product and services have on the environment.

Unlike other cleaning business, we guarantee that your residential property will be deep cleaned within 24 hr of you getting in touch. Our adaptability is unrivaled, and the fact that we work quickly is beneficial to all property owners, particularly if you have a fast turnaround. What is worth noting is that although our work is speedy, we never compromise on top quality.

All of our jobs are timed and recorded through a CRM system, so you can really feel comfortable knowing that we never cut corners. Plus, if you continue to employ us for end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, then the exact same cleaner will certainly be used each time. This permits us to get to know your layout and also learn expectations.

Is Expert Cleaning Required at End of Occupancy?

While expert cleaning isn’t something that is required at the end of occupancy, it is something we at the Platinum Cleaning Company strongly advise for a variety of reasons. By opting for our end of occupancy cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company clients can profit from:

Boosted Tenancy

Security Deposit Returned

Saving On Time and Money

Eco-Friendly Products Used

Raised Occupancy

Any property owner will recognize that a home sitting empty will certainly cost them cash, and the primary factor potential tenants will be put off by a home is the condition. By investing in professional end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, you will be making your property preferred to potential occupants.

Security Deposit Returned

When you leave a home, renters will certainly wish to guarantee they get their down payment back, but this will not happen if the property isn’t left clean and tidy. The best action to secure your property owner returns your deposit is to have end of occupancy cleaning conducted by the Platinum Cleaning Company.

Saving Time and Money

While you can pick to go it alone and undertake the cleaning on your own, it is often suggested to hire a professional firm as this can save you time and money. The length of time you would have spent cleaning can be much better used elsewhere, and you will certainly save cash by not needing to get costly cleaning items time and time again.

Eco-Friendly Products Utilized

When you opt to clean a building yourself, you will no doubt be utilizing chemical based products. At the Platinum Cleaning Company, however, we exclusively use eco-friendly products. These secure a thorough clean that is riskless for even household pets as well as young children.

When you decide to clean a home on your own, you will no question be utilizing chemical based products. At the Platinum Cleaning Company, however, we exclusively utilize environmentally friendly products. These secure a complete clean that is risk-free for even pets as well as young children.

What Are the Advantages of End of Tenancy Cleaning?

While it is absolutely a solution to clean up your homes on your own in between renters, there is a more effective as well as budget-friendly way to guarantee your residences stay hygienic and clean; choosing a specialist end of occupancy cleaning, Platinum Cleaning Company clients. At the Platinum Cleaning Company, we offer a cleaning solution which will certainly provide a lot of advantages for you, not least of which include:

Boosted Tenancy

Expert Quality Clean

Save Time and Money

An apartment that is clean as well as hygienic is without a doubt much more desirable to future renters. if your apartment isn’t well taken care of, it will most likely remain empty, thus costing you cash. By maintaining your homes professionally cleaned with our end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, you are ensuring your residential property remains a desirable place to live.

Specialist cleaners, such as our team, have the ability to enter into every nook and hole in the property. We can make sure that a comprehensive and thorough clean is conducted, with no spot being left untouched.

It may be surprising to hear, yet getting a professional cleaning firm truly saves you both money and time. Not only does a clean property result in increased occupancy as well as income, but by making use of a specialist team, you will certainly pay a one off price for everything. You will not need to shell out for pricey cleaning products over and over again.

By hiring the Platinum Cleaning Company, you won’t require to spend all your time cleaning. Your time can be much better spent somewhere else; like dealing with your residences or taking some well earned time off.

By maintaining your residences skillfully cleaned up with our end of occupancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company, you are guaranteeing your residence stays a desirable place to live.

It might be unusual to , yet investing in a specialist cleaning company actually conserves you both time and also money. You won’t need to shell out for pricey cleaning supplies time and time again.

What Cleaning Products Are Used During End of Occupancy Cleaning?

Brief solution– the very best ones. All of the items that our staff member utilise for an end of occupancy cleansing in Platinum Cleaning Company are environment-friendly. This implies that they’re completely safe for the world and also even the most prone teams of people, such as kids, the elderly as well as those with delicate skin.

Here at Platinum Cleaning Company, we satisfaction ourselves on our expertise and also uncompromising strategy to quality. This is why we would certainly never cut edges or use subpar products as well as outdated equipment.

You can therefore feel confident understanding that our cleaning products as well as procedures are modern, ingenious as well as approximately date with the latest market growths. Our team believe that this established approach has been the key source to our decades-long success in the South of England.

Our eco-friendly cleaning values is used at each and every single work– from the smallest clean-up to one of the most comprehensive undertaking. Nevertheless, this goes even more with Platinum Cleaning Company than simply the cleaning.

We really try to run a paperless workplace at our properties too. We’re extremely conscious of the impact that people have on the planet, so we will certainly always do our very best to take the most green method there is.

While this degree of top quality doesn’t come cheap, we work hard to make certain that our prices remain reasonable and competitive, budget friendly for everybody. You will be hard-pressed to locate another group using an end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company that covers every one of the bases the manner in which we do!

What Does an End of Occupancy Clean Include?

Right Here at Platinum Cleaning Company, we offer a complete and also comprehensive service when you enlist end of occupancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. It is vital that your space is spotless when brand-new renters show up, so by getting the services of our team, your home is assured to be flawless.

By coming to us, our team will complete a complete surface clean, which will certainly include windows and also skirting boards. We will certainly additionally vacuum or wipe depending upon the type of flooring you have. With regards to particular areas, our team can vacuum your mattresses as well as various other furnishings, in addition to clean the inside of your cabinets.

We will thoroughly clean your bathroom and kitchen during our end of tenancy cleaning. Platinum Cleaning Company clients must recognize that we will certainly remove limescale from faucets and your showerhead. You can likewise expect to have your bins decontaminated and cleaned up by our professionals. This is included in our general cleaning package, however we offer extra extras.

For example, in Platinum Cleaning Company, end of tenancy cleaning can involve carpet as well as couch cleaning. Not only that, however our team can clean the inside of your stove should you request it. If you determine to contact a member of our team, we will provide you with a free price quote and also set up a date that fits into your schedule.

We can complete the task and also leave your residential property gleaming within 24 hours of you obtaining in touch! You will have a hard time to discover a business that betters our timing and top quality of service.

Why Should You Get Expert End of Tenancy Cleaning?

When it comes to rental residential properties, there are many aspects in the checklist that require ticking for both tenants and property managers. Cleanliness is a substantial element that needs to be maintained throughout the occupancy, yet it is also more important when tenants alter over.

There is no question that impression go a long way, as well as if you are a landlord or allowing representative that is trying to bring in new tenants, your location requires to be clean. No potential occupant is going to relocate right into a flat or house that is grubby and filled with dust and also grime. By hiring the know-how of our cleansers, your space will certainly not just be clean and also clean, yet it will certainly be display room standard!

By informing occupants that the building has been expertly cleaned, your favorable online reputation as landlords will immediately boost. It will certainly show that you care significantly regarding your lessees as well as the area in which they will certainly be renting out.

From a lessee’s viewpoint in Platinum Cleaning Company, end of tenancy cleaning is extremely valuable. Some renters are denied the return of their down payments for various factors.

At the Platinum Cleaning Company, we really feel that we have a great deal to use in the means of end of occupancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company. Landlords as well as occupants alike will certainly be able to benefit from our expert cleaning services that will certainly spare them both time and money. Thanks to the over two decades of experience we have in the sector, we’re confident in being able to surpass the expectations of all clients and also leave them completely satisfied.

We have actually constantly sought means to boost our solutions over time, whether that be via flexible cleaning alternatives, inexpensive rates, or the use of environment-friendly items. Our staff take on feedback from all customers as well as utilize their remarks to help boost our solutions moving forward. This dedication to our clients can be seen through the client-focused approach we provide on each task.

You’re not likely to find one more specialist cleaning company that has accessibility to the very same quantity of industry-standard devices as we do. Being able to make use of such devices in our job allows us to provide the very best end of tenancy cleaning in Platinum Cleaning Company we perhaps can. We strive to leave every home we work with in a hygienic, clean, as well as fresh state.

If you have actually been convinced that we at the Platinum Cleaning Company are the best group available for end of occupancy cleaning, be sure to contact us today. Our 24/7 availability indicates that we can be gotten to at any moment, so don’t be reluctant to get in touch if you believe we can help. Give our friendly group a telephone call currently on 03301116940.